Saturday, March 31, 2007

I had alot of fun! Didn't you?

Today was the Easter egg hunt at our church. It is the third year we have gone and the first with two who are mobile. Last year, my baby girl was not walking yet so she was in a stroller and easy to keep up with. This year, it was a whole different story. Fortunately, my hubby was not working and was with us. I still felt like I was doing alot of chasing and catching and getting kicked in the thighs and getting my ear screamed in.

The church has a routine: first, you come in and they have the inflatables. This always a bit of a dilemma with my son. Do I want to take my shoes off in order to play in these things? or do I want to keep my shoes on and watch? Eventually he will take his shoes off, play for a few minutes and discover that he really just wants his shoes back. My baby girl wanted to jump in the "2 and under" inflatable, but she decided that the first time she fell was enough for her to stop. She didn't get hurt or anything, just had enough.

Next they have a puppet show. This year was actually pretty good, because the side show was my baby walking all around the stage and behind the puppeteer's stage. I would have died of embarrassment if she had taken one of the puppets from back there!

Anyway, they finally turned everyone loose and lined up and said, "On your mark...."

and they were off.....

and it was a success!

And we got to keep the eggs so that we can re-create all of the excitement at home for days and weeks and months to come!

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