Monday, March 5, 2007

Bad Morning

So, I'm sitting here waiting for the doctor's office to open. I think little Bubba has pink eye. He usually wakes up every morniing and finds us and says very sleepily and sweetly "Good Morning, Mommy and Daddy", but today he came in and announced loudly, "Its not Good Morning, Mommy and Daddy. It's BAD morning. I'm having a bad morning." I asked, "Why?" and he said that it was "because he has all of that yucky stuff in his hair on his eye right here" which are his eye lashes. I said "well, lets be happy that we are alive and awake and well-ish." Bub says "But I'm not well-ish, I'm sick-ish."

As I typed this, the doctor's office opened. They are going to call something in for this. Time to get the day going. Gotta wash alot of sheets. In very hot water.


Sincerity said...

Hey there! Saw your comment on susan's blog ( the party) and decided to pop on by.

I'm sorry that your little one is not well. I have never experienced pink eye before but I know that its miserable.

Sometimes its hard to know why suffering happens but it is a great comfort to remember that God knows best and that He never lets us go through more than what we can handle.

Blessings to you and your family! I'll keep Bubba in my prayers.

Romans 8:28 :)

Anonymous said...

I am stopping in from the Blog Party...I'm so sorry your son has pink eye.. I had it as a teenager and it was no fun! I hope he gets better quickly!