Friday, March 2, 2007

The Ultimate Blog Party


Come on in and join the fun!

Maybe, just maybe, this will be the umph we need on this here blog thang. I am a BRAND! SPANKING! NEW! blogger and am trying to learn what it's all about. I need some tips, hints, suggestions and such to get this thing off the ground. I have a son and daughter (photo above and scattered throughout this blog) I have decided to "pseudo-name" them Bubba and Sissy. Aren't I cre-a-tive? Ya cain't be too careful with all them internet predators and general bad guys out there.

Enough about that, lets talk about me. I am southern born and bred. I have lived in Georgia, Mississippi and South Carolina. Does it get any more southern than that? I am a christian, a wife, a mother, and a part time nurse. I would love to get to know you, so join all of this blogging fun we are having here at escapades unlimited and let's chat.


Chrissy said...

Welcome to the blogosphere. Life will never be the same. LOL

Just popping over as I ride the party train. Nice to "meet" you

Karen said...

Stepping off the party train to say "hey girl"...welcome to blogland...if you need any help, I will be happy to do what I can. I'm still learning as I go, but if I don't have the answer, I know someone who does!

Liza's Eyeview said...

Welcome to Blogoaphere! I'm sure you'd love it here :) I've met lots of great friends through blogging.
Isn't this party great?!

Lisa Knight said...

Welcome to blogging! I am a relative newby I started in December!

Sew What's Up is where my party is at!

Party On!!!

De said...

Welcome to blogging. Want to warn you that it is addicting. Happy posting!

BeckyD said...

Welcome to Bloggerittaville, hope you have a great time. I am addicted (read obsessed) with blogging.

Come by for a visit, and a chat. I was just in your neck of the woods 2 weeks ago, going to Daytona Florida, for the 500.

Nice to 'meet' you.

Lissete said...

Cute kids! Visiting for the party. Nice to meet you!

Amber said...

NOT FAIR. The rest of us get a lame old banner for the party and you get a walking advertisement of two partying kids. I think you win!

Monkey Giggles said...

Swinging in for the Ultimate Blog Party!!! Nice meeting ya.
Happy party week!!! PARTY ON!!!

My first party favor give-away has begun. Come over when you get a chance.

Susan said...

Wellll...welcome to the blogging world!! It catches on and gets big pretty quick. There are so many great people out there. I've been blessed to actually meet two blogging friends in real life. It was SO COOL!!

I am from Florida where we are raising our four boys. I hope you'll stop by my party and meet them.

Glad you joined in the party!!

:-) Susan

julie said...

I have only been blogging for a few months myself. I am really enjoying it. Your children are adorable. Happy Party!

Jen and family said...

Hi nice to meet you
I love blogging
you have cute children
visit me at

tigerfish said...

Hi, from Blog Party!

Tracey said...

Popping by for the Party! What cute little partiers you have! I have fun exploding bubbles on my party post (chemistry experiment)! Some attachment parenting stuff too. It's not my Blogger one; it's You're invited!

Janice (5 Minutes for Mom) said...

WELCOME!!! I hope you love your new blogging habit!

So glad you decided to jump right in and party with us!

Your kids are so cute! and good "names" too :)

Brandie said...

I have to say I LOVE that picture! How sweet =)

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging =) Hope you enjoy it and stick around.

blackpurl said...

I am still making party rounds! Great to meet you... and your kids are too cute!