Sunday, March 11, 2007

Blog Party--Week in Review

So, for those of you who blog, and/or read blogs, how long is it before you quit dreaming about the other bloggers you read? and before you quit compiling your next blog entry in your head all. the. time. or when you stop looking at people in the grocery store to decide if they look smart or interesting enough to have a blog?

Have y'all ever done that? I didn't think so. Meneither.

I am wondering if there are people who will come back to read my blog. I have some favorite blogs and I hate to miss a day reading them. Oh, to be so interesting. What must it be like? Harp playing and vision getting wavy.....

But I digress.

I participated in the "Ultimate Blog Party" last week and read so many blogs that some of them run together, some of them I feel like I actually know them, and others are just interesting. I would like to jump in and just say "Here I am! I want to be part of this!"

So, if anyone out there is still there, I would like to say "Hooray! Thanks for sticking around!" I have so much more to say, but "Sissy" just woke up and is bouncing in the crib.

Until next time...


Susan said...

You're right...I think the blog party opened up a whole new world for me...and they DO run together. I'm trying to go around a second time.

I hope you have a blessed week!

:-) Susan

April said...

Yes...I totally know what you mean. I wonder if some of the bloggers from the party will keep swinging by.? For the most part, I am in a different stage of life than most bloggers. I do not have any children and am newly married. I love to read blogs of those that do have children. I plan to have a house full some day so it is fun to hear what I have to look forward to!!