Monday, February 12, 2007

We've been sick.

Our little ones had some nasty virus/bug that is going around. My son had 103 fever for a couple of days and just felt miserable. I knew he was really sick when the 6PM news came on and he didn't move or complain. He just kept watching as if it were as entertaining as Sesame Street.

One night during his illness, he came into our room and woke me up to see if he could snuggle in our bed. Not wanting to get this illness myself, I took him back to his bed and explained that he would have to snuggle in his very own bed with his stuffed animals. He has a bear, tiger, Eeyore, monkey among many others. His teary response to me, "But there's no YOU in my bed!" Now how is it that I'm supposed to sleep after that?

While we were sick, we watched alot of TV. Every day he wants to know when "Lilo and Stitch, the SERIOUS" is coming on. I don't usually let him watch that though, because I think it is scary. What is that purple thing with the teeth anyway?

My son has started naming all of his stuffed animals. It started at Build-a-Bear. We had to name the frog he had just made for the "birth certificate". He came up with "Froggie-ozo Emma Frog". When we came home all of the other animals had to have a name too. We have "Curley" the rabbit, "Harry" the monkey, "Rocket" the dog and most recently we got a Valentine monkey from his great-grandparents he named "Bug-a-lindo". I cant wait to see what he comes up with next.

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