Sunday, February 18, 2007

Here I am

OK, so I finally found a photo of myself that I can live with. (Don't tell anyone that it was taken a couple of kids and a few or so pounds ago.) Apparently, in order to have it in my profile I have to post it. I know that my blogging prowess is pretty skimpy, so just indulge me here and if you know any other way to get it into my profile, let me know.
What is a little bit frightening is a post I read about internet safety and how you shouldn't post pictures of you and your children because of the internet psychos will lift your pictures and put your face onto bodies of other people and make it look like porn or something. So, I immediately took my kids off of here. Maybe I'll post some pictures of them later, when I figure this out some more. My face? Well, I don't really look like that anymore, so if someone lifted it and made it look like porn, noone would know it was me since I don't really look like that anymore. And I would never pose for porn anyway. And everyone knows that. Or at least now they do.

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