Sunday, July 1, 2007

The Reason for the Name of my Blog

The last time I went to church was on April 1st. (I feel very bad about this and I figure that confession is good for the soul so I am telling any/all one of you in the bloggy world.) But I'll tell you why.

On April 1st which so aptly is also April Fool's Day, I had nursery duty with the 2 year olds, which is a good thing since it is the room my daughter is in. What I didn't count on is that there would be about 15 or 650 OTHER 2 year olds in there too, one of which was carrying some vile nausea/vomiting and diarrhea virus and another of which was carrying a sinus infection, which we caught by Tuesday night/Wednesday of that week. And kept for the next, oh, month.

I swore that I would never take her back to church until she stops putting toys in her mouth. Or until I thought all of the children would be well and not carrying germs. Ha.

Anyway, every week after we got well, either I would get my son and myself ready to go and something would happen or my husband would not be home to keep my daughter. So of course today is no exception.

I got up and got myself in the shower before the kids woke up. Actually my daughter was awake, but she can usually entertain herself until I get in there. So, as I am rinsing the shampoo out of my hair, my son comes into the bathroom. I said, "Good Morning!"

Instead of hearing the "Good Morning Mommy" that I usually hear in response, he said, "MOM! You're never going to believe this!"

I thought he had a dream to tell me about.

He continues, "Sissy went POOPIE in her BED!"

Oh great.

So, I go in there and find a mess, but one that is manageable. (I had envisioned her with her diaper in her hand and poop everywhere.) Thankfully, it was just a little leakage. So, I get her all cleaned up and before long, I smelled it again.

I was still planning to go to church with my son, until after breakfast when he was supposed to be brushing his teeth. He ended up having some sort of crying jag for no reason discernible to anyone except for him. I still have no idea what happened to him. By the time all of the excitement died down, it was 15 minutes AFTER the beginning of Sunday School.

Next week it is my turn to be in the nursery again. I guess we'll see if any of the 2 year olds who are there have icky bugs to give to the rest of the kids, because if there is one present, we will get it and bring it home and have it for the next month.

At least I'll make it to church.

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