Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Challenges in my life right now

Oh, challenges. There are many.

Cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping, couponing, bill paying, time alone with God, kids, exercising.

What I really need is a plan of attack. How am I going to get all of these things done? How does anyone get all of these things done?

I am not an organized or creative person by nature, so I am already starting behind the curve on most of this stuff. I have tried and failed at the FlyLady plan numerous times, but I think I see where she is trying to go with it. Do a little bit every day and see how much you progress over time.

I think I need a list or a schedule. My excuses include: maybe summer is a bad time to begin with this because there isn't really a schedule to our days. Also, since I work a totally random schedule, it makes it hard to say that I will do this or that on one certain day of the week, unless I say that about a weekend day, and I like to have the weekend days as flexible as possible. I can't clean with the kids around. There is too much to do.

One of my friends who has been a full time working mother, to a stay at home mother, to a full time student/stay at home mother has a daily chore list. She just looks at the day of the week, and does the chore. If she doesn't get the chores of the day done, she just does them the next week. Sounds like a good plan, but I get bogged down in the planning and not in the doing.

The other major problem to my housekeeping is that I tend to be a hoarder. I have things in drawers and stuffed in corners and in boxes in different areas of the house. If I go through the boxes, I can usually pare them down, but there always seems to be stuff that I don't want to get rid of, but they don't have a place. Some of these things include baby pictures that need to go in albums or scrapbooks. I have some scrapbooking supplies that are in a box and I have no idea how to scrapbook. I guess I thought if I bought the supplies, that it would just occur to me how to do it.

So, I have rambled on, whined and complained about my lack of cleaning finesse. Just wait until I elaborate on the rest of my challenges.

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ComfyDenim said...

Look at "Motivated Moms". They have a chore list that seems really tame - but it gets things done. It's relatively cheap--and it comes in a .pdf file so you can down load it and print as many or as little pages as you want.

I know the feeling of being overwhelmed. Would it help to stand back and figure out what's most important?? Then start there.

As for scrapbooking - it's not that hard. You're making a story book using your pictures as the illustrations. I bet there's a "Scrapping store" nearby who will help you get started if you want to. If you don't want to start down that road of insanity - because it's addictive - you could sell your stuff on e-bay. *LOL*