Monday, March 17, 2008

Oh, to Win this Prize. Yum!

There is a contest for $25 gift certificate to Outback Steakhouse at the blog of Chilihead, Don't Try This At Home.

Outback is one of my favorite local places to eat and because we have four mouths to feed, it is a place we seldom go anymore. To say that I want to win this contest would be an understatement. So I will tell you all about what I will do when I win this contest.

First, I will call ahead to get our name on the list. They have "call ahead seating" here. Then I will load up the car with everyone, unless I can find a sitter and then I will leave the kids home with some hotdogs and/or PB&J.

Second, I will sit at the lovely table and look over their special menu items that they have especially because they are celebrating their 20th anniversary this month.

Finally, I will eat like the non-dieting person I want to be. And then I will relish the moment and maybe even order dessert. After all, I have a gift certificate for $25. How awesome is that?

Thanks Chilihead!

1 comment:

ComfyDenim said...

Well... I had to quit daydreaming --
That sounds fantastic - and I hope you win!!!