Sunday, March 16, 2008

If You Need to Purify Water, I'll Ask My Nephew

Do you remember doing science projects in school? I do. Mostly I remember coming up with a hypothesis and then trying to prove or disprove it. I never understood that. Why wouldn't you just come up with something you want to know and then do some tests to figure it out?

The only project I can remember doing was about the taste of Coke vs Pepsi vs "Big K Cola". Well, I did some taste tests at school during recess. The kids were all too happy to get a small cup of Coke. (That's what we here down south call all carbonated drinks. For example: "Jewgit the cokes at the WalMark?" means "Did you purchase soft drinks at the grocery store?")

Anyway, the kids. They just wanted a little bit of coke. Which was great the first day. I was the most popular girl at school that day. I would give them 3 small cups of each and they would have to guess which was which and tell me which was their favorite. It worked out beautifully for the first day. After that, the 2 Liter bottles lost all of their fizz. Well, who wants flat Big K cola? Nobody. I couldn't get anybody to say that they liked any of them or if they could decide which was which, because, well, yuck.

Needless to say, I wasn't winning any awards for my scientific prowess.

Which is completely opposite of my brilliant 7th grade nephew. He won first place at his middle school, first place in his subject for the region and third place in the region overall. Pretty cool, huh? I am so proud of him. Oh, and his project? He did testing on some creek water in his neighborhood to see if he could purify it for drinking. And that is about all I can remember. That and he said he was dealing with e coli in that very creek water. Maybe next year he can do a project about prescription drugs in their tap water.

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