Tuesday, May 1, 2007

I can't believe that I am blogging this. And yet, I am.

I can not believe that I have watched A'merican I'dol this season. I used to think it was quite possibly the dumbest show. Ever. But boy, I have soooo enjoyed it. I feel like it's something I shouldn't be doing. Like eating chocolate before breakfast or something. And since I can't believe I have watched it, you can imagine my surprise that I am actually blogging to total internet strangers about it. I know all one of you care, too.

Well, let me tell you about my experience watching the show tonight.

"Why should I read your blog post about AI?", you are thinking. Well, it's because I was a teenager in the 80's, AND I used to think he was "so cute!" so I am completely qualified to critique Bon Jovi night. So there.

Phil came out. (Since this is really the first commentary I have written about AI, let me just preface this by saying I mean no disrespect to any of the contestants, but...) What is up with his lack of hair? Every single week, I think, maybe he will grow a little hair for the end of the season. Or does he have some sort of disorder that prevents him from having any hair? What was it that "Powder" had in that movie? But, I digress. He certainly gets my vote for most improved. I think he had several weeks of being in the bottom two or three and yet, he persevered. This week he came out and belted out that song like he was in the running to win the the prize.

Next up was the darling 17 year old Jordin. I love her, but she was way out of her comfort zone tonight. She summed it up herself when she said that this was her week [of pain?] She was off key (and for me to notice that it had to be bad, because I can't carry a tune in a bucket) and she seemed uncomfortable. But did you see her hair? Loved her hair.

Lakisha. She worked in a bank. She had no formal training, except for singing in church. She has a little girl. I would listen to her if she sang the phone book. However, she lacked the spark she had in the beginning of the season. Especially at the beginning of her song. I think she's tired. I know it must be difficult to do this week in and week out for so long. She managed to pull it out toward the end when she belted it out, pointed and sang "This ain't a love song".

Next was Blake. Now, I have to say that I thought he was sort of cheesy with the beat box thing earlier in the season, and that there is something up with his lips, or lack of them, but he has something about him that is, lets say, attractive. or dynamic. or appealing. or something. He was going to sing THE signature Bon Jovi song. "Shot through the heart, and you're to blame, darlin you give looove a bad name..." cue the music... (You know that song just sticks with you like "Ice Ice Baby" doodoodoo doodee doodoo) How could he be so bold? And yet, when he was finished, I watched it again, by the magic of Ti Vo. If you could buy that, I would get it tomorrow. It was even fun watching him. I think the drummer had fun too.

Chris. or Justin. I can't ever keep those boy band singers straight. (Just kidding.) I really like his personality that you can see on the limited amount of non-singing air time that they get. He just seems to have one sound. It can be country, rock, or whatever, he just has the same sound. No variation. While I thought he did OK tonight, I just don't know how he has lasted so long. Do you?

Melinda. Or should I say: the winner of the contest. Hands down. She has my vote. I particularly liked her pre-song interview. She said "Take it to church... I like church!" And she has that humility in her eyes, like she's not sure she can pull it off, and the next thing you know, sweet Melinda is saying "Rock on! Rock on? Rock on!" and she transforms into Tina Turner! Wow! Have a nice day to you too, girl! Rock on! She's awesome.

As an added bonus, we got to see George and Laura. And they tried to be funny. In a scripted kind of way that wasn't very funny.


Julie said...

Hi there,

I agree that Lakisha could pretty much sing the phone book and make it sound dramatic and goose-bumpy.

And Blake somehow managed to pull it off...though I was nervous for him for a while.

Melzie said...

I am glad you decided to come out of the AI closet ;) I too use to think what a stupid show but yup I got hooked this season also :) xoxo melzie