Monday, May 7, 2007

Book Review: Be Intolerant

Be Intolerant: Because Some Things Are Just Stupid
by Ryan Dobson

While this book was not on my official SRT book list, I had been reading this book on and off for several months. It is only 120 pages, but I would always put it down when I felt uncomfortable with it (or myself).

Written by James Dobson's (of Focus on the Family) son, the book is about moral relativism and why it is unacceptable. He calls tolerance an "epidemic" and says that moral relativism is "a tumor on the American Soul". He then explains why moral relativism doesn't make sense and why biblical christianity does make sense. Finally, he writes about how to be intolerant, but not intolerable. He calls it "how to be intolerant in love" and how difficult that can be.

It isn't surprising that most of the reviews on amazon are either passionately for or adamantly opposed to the book. My overall opinion of the book is that it is very good. It is written on a level geared toward young adults. It is something we all need to think about, because just because you think it is "right for you" doesn't mean it's right.

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