Saturday, January 12, 2008

You can't make this stuff up.

Because I am such a great Mom and all, we went to Wendy's drive thru tonight. The prize in the kid's meals were little stuffed puppies. My 4 year old wanted to know if we could "go online" to play with his "Plushy Pal". (Kind of like his webkinz dog.) I am not making this up.

He keeps calling it his "plushy pal". And he wants to go online to play with it. My how times have changed. In a million years, would you have ever thought to "go online" to play with your "plushy pal"? Or that your children would be asking for that?

I mean, the Jetsons had Astro and all, but he wasn't on a computer screen.


WendyDarling said...

I found you over at "My Best Investments". I am glad you "delurked" (is that a word?) :-)

I totally know what you mean. My 11 year old nephew asked for one of those pets you use the computer with, and I just couldn't get my mind around that. Needing the internet to play with a TOY. Who would have thought.

I've read a few of your posts, and I really like the way you write. I noticed you linked to the Fat Smash Diet. Is that the one you are doing? I am doing that was well. 45 lbs down, A LOT more to go. :-) Keep up the great work. :-)

ComfyDenim said...

Well... I had "pound puppies" when I was a kid. Remember those? I never thought there'd be a day when you could have a virtual version of it.

Nor did I think my kids would be saving up their commissions in order to buy new Webkinz. :-) But they did.