Monday, June 18, 2007

Vacation Planning

Recently, my son who is now 4 has been asking to go to the beach. Every single day he asks, "Are we going to the beach today?" Unfortunately, we live just out of the reach of going just for the day, so I have been trying to find a reasonable place to go for a reasonable price. This is not an easy task, my friends. I have tried some of the online travel agent services, but found that they were difficult to use and lacked much information. Sometimes you can go through a realtor for beach house rentals, but one of the problem I found with that was that you have to rent a house for an entire week when all I want is one or two nights. If you go to the hotel chain web sites, you get a very high rate when there might be a smaller non-chain place next door that is cheaper.

I found a site today that seems to be easier to use and has some really great deals. The site is all about Cheap Hotels.

You can find hotels, motels, resorts, and vacations rentals all over the United States and even all over the world. The prices I found for a vacation rental at the beach, (even at the last minute in the middle of the summer) are better than any of the other sites I have searched and they give information about the location of the beach and activities in relation to the hotel. There is a rating of each hotel listed and all of the amenities that the hotels offer. Special discounts on some of the packages bring the prices even lower. In fact, I found some beachfront vacation rentals that include a kitchen, separate bedrooms and a pool for less than $150/night and there is not a minimum 7 day stay.

And while I was searching, I looked at some vacation ideas for my husband and me to get away from the kids for a few days. You can browse major vacation cities with one click, get rental car and air rates and get rebates and special promotions like coupons for gas just for booking your vacation through this site. They even have a lowest rate guarantee!

I put this site in my favorites so that I can go back to them easily when I am ready to book vacations. It looks like it might be easier to go to the beach after all.

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