Monday, December 1, 2008

Just Like Before Kids. (Almost.)

I don't know about you, but it is a rare day that my husband and I get to go out like we used to BK (before kids). So, when a friend of my husband's told us that he and his band from the mid-1990's said that he was coming into town for Thanksgiving to have a reunion show we called "PaPa" and asked if he would keep the kids for the night.

We prepared for the show by napping the afternoon before, because the music wasn't scheduled to start until 10:30! That is about the time I am usually yawning and stretching and getting ready to go to bed if I am not already asleep by then.

Some of our other friends were going to the show too and we went to dinner with them. We talked about old times, about our kids and about our jobs; basically, the conversation was nothing like the conversations that would have occurred 10 years ago.

We knew that we were a tad early when the mothers of some of the band members walked in after we did. When the show started 30 minutes late, we were rockin' out! That band should have made it big. They were awesome! Talent does not guarantee success, because those guys have some major talent. Never mind that they all have kids and had their pants pulled up too high and are balding. They rocked the house down.

At one point at the beginning of the show, the bass player/singer went to the mic and said "Thanks for getting baby-sitters and coming out tonight." It was funny, because looking around the room was like being at a college party except that we were all OLD and had put on a few pounds. (ahem!) I thought to myself that I wished I could freeze time for a moment, but it was nice to just close my eyes and know that my husband was there and would be there even when we picked up our kids and when our routine starts over again.

I can't wait for the next reunion show. I hope that they don't wait so long this time.

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