Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Just nod if you can hear me

OK, if there is anyone out there to read this post, I need some help.

What is an RSS feeder or RSS reader? Here is why I ask. I have a list of blogs that I like to read daily or at least some days. I just hate to keep clicking on them all day if there is some way I can have an automatic notification that there is new content.

So, I realize that I have been less than regular lately with my own blogging even though I really, really want to participate in the Fall Reading Thing and in some contests and I have some really good stories to tell about things that have happened and blogs and websites I have found.

But that is all for a later time. Please tell me about RSS please. Anyone?

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ComfyDenim said...

Good Morning!!!
Am I too late to respond?

Most blogs have an RSS feed. RSS, I learned, stands for Really Simple Syndication. I didn't know that until just a bit ago.

So an RSS Reader is something that you collect all the RSS Feeds that you want to read. Kind of like a magazine subscription.

I know there are more - but the two I see most are "Google Reader" and "Bloglines". I'm using Bloglines. I think Coffee Mom is using Google Reader.

I set up an "account" and it gave me a link that I can put in my Favorites on my web browser. So when I find a blog I want to read - I click on "Subscribe" - some blogs, like mine, have a 'subscribe with Bloglines" button on them. That's an easy way to subscribe.

Something I discovered was that my windows IE Explorer has an RSS button on it. If it turns orange then I can click on the orange button and Internet Explorer will save the blog to an RSS Feed tab - like my favorites so I can read later. I found it easy to use - but I had most of my blogs in bloglines and was having to use both of them. I wanted only bloglines.

It's easier to use than clicking on each one. You can preview them and read them from your reader - and then click on the link to take you to the actual post or the blog.

Did that help? I highly recommend a reader. It made life so easy.

Well, my blogger life, anyway.
I also will subscribe to some blogs to see if I want to keep reading them. Sometimes yes - sometimes no.

Hope that helps, sweetie.
Good luck!!